A patent is a form of legal protection covering inventions. You can file a patent to protect how things work, how they are made and what they do. Once you have a patent for an idea other parties cannot make, do or use your idea without your permission.

No you can’t. Each invention is reviewed on a case by case basis and sometimes a patent will not be granted. One main reason for this would be that someone else has described the idea before. Scientific or mathematical discoveries are not allowed to be patented and, important to MidTECH’s work, a medical treatment or a diagnosis is forbidden from being granted a patent.

This is a complicated area, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions or aren’t sure whether your idea could be suitable for patent protection.

You have to apply to the Intellectual Property Office for a patent for your idea. This can take time, can get very expensive and requires expert advice for it to be done properly. MidTECH helps Trusts with this process and calls upon expert patent attorneys where needed.