Health Innovation West Midlands

Academic Health Science Networks were established in 2013 with the aim of improving health outcomes and generating economic growth in all the regions of England and Wales. The Health Innovation West Midlands (HIWM) is uniquely placed to lead collaboration between the NHS, academia and the healthcare industry across our region, and adoption of new innovations.

MidTECH’s experience and expertise in protecting and developing innovative new ideas, devices and services makes us a natural partner organisation for the WMAHSN. Through this partnership, we are able to provide important services to our member Trusts in addition to the standard MidTECH services.

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Meridian Health Innovation Exchange

Meridian is a pioneering interactive platform for anyone to share their innovations and ideas, build groups and networks and make contact with people whose innovations could change healthcare in the West Midlands. The website supports the adoption of good practice in health and social care and shares lessons learned from across the sector.

Users – including people from the NHS, academia, industry and the third sector – are able to submit their ideas so that others can comment, suggest ways in which it may be improved and vote for innovations that are good for the region to support and worthy of further development. Alternatively, users can respond to campaigns, where there has been a specific healthcare need identified in the West Midlands which may be solved through an existing or new innovation.

Meridian moderators, who are active in the innovation community in the West Midlands, review the submissions to assess the innovation effectively and provide practical support for the development of the idea.

When an idea is submitted, Meridian notifies the user if similar innovations have been submitted, allowing people to partner with others in the community who have had similar insights. Once an innovation has been submitted, the user becomes the Innovation Champion for that idea and they can put the power of the community to work.

Innovator points are awarded for activity such as submitting innovations, commenting on others’ innovations, voting, receiving votes and submitting stories into the Innovation Warehouse. As users accrue points, they attain a higher innovator status as an indicator of their activity in the community and their entrepreneurial insights.

Organisations who are WMAHSN Premium Members get access to even more features and benefits of Meridian. For more information, read the Introducing Meridian, take a look at the handy Meridian flyer or click on the logo below to go directly to Meridian.