Innovation is best carried out strategically: though great ideas can occur every day, organisationally the greatest benefits will proceed from fresh thinking when the structures and processes exist to support their generation and development.

That’s why MidTECH specialises in assisting our member Trusts with a wide variety of internal matters relating to innovation.

As a partner of the WMAHSN, and as a longstanding and active member of the healthcare community in the region, we have a deep knowledge of existing innovation practices utilised in organisations. That means we are able to bring that experience and knowledge to MidTECH members in a broad range of complementary areas.

IP Policy

Assistance in the implementation and review of Trust IP Policies, covering ownership of IP, revenue sharing arrangements with employees, and other key areas of strategic IP process.

Internal Innovation Processes

Assistance with internal innovation processes, including the construction of innovation development pathways, which can formalise and clarify the path a new idea will take when it is first created within the Trust, or brought to the Trust’s attention following initial inception.

Commercial Strategies

Assistance in the development and implementation of Trust commercial strategies, looking at potential and promising areas of focus, the setting of realistic targets and objectives, and an assessment of the actions necessary to achieve those targets.

Internal Innovation Committees and Groups

MidTECH is available to take up membership of any relevant internal committees or groups, providing expert input on all matters relating to innovation, IP, commercialisation, and related areas.

Template Agreements

MidTECH has a wide range of template agreements on file which can be amended and adopted by and for our member Trusts. These include Non-Disclosure Agreements, collaboration agreements, and licence agreements. We can also consult on appropriate usage and adoption.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation to begin to innovate smartly.