We believe in the power of making contacts. Great ideas can take flight only if they enjoy the support of a wide and diverse network: that’s why, from legal advice to commercial partners, we put our networks at the service of our members.

From medical devices, software and apps, to training and process design, we have long experience in matching the right innovation to the correct partner. By providing the legal support you need to draw up documents that give both parties peace of mind, we can facilitate joint ventures and partnerships, consultancy agreements and development routes.

We work with our member Trusts to oversee these sorts of collaborations with external parties, including commercial organisations and universities. We can facilitate the discussions between these parties, help decide upon proposed deliverables and any IP that may relate to them, arrive at optimum work streams and assign them appropriately – and even manage their completion.

Not only that, but through our relationships with leading regional bodies we are uniquely placed to efficiently and effectively gather commercially-focused opinions on innovations which will aid their development from day one. Not only that, but we enjoy a streamlined pathway to innovative organisations who are keen to take on new products from within the NHS.

We believe in the power of partnerships – and have the expertise and know-how to make sure they work for everyone, from Trust to patient, innovator to industrial partner.