The individuals who work at MidTECH believe and share the same vision- innovative ideas can be turned into reality. Our team strives to make sure those individuals and organisations with innovative ideas have the help they need to change the healthcare industry and interact with the NHS Trusts across the West Midland.

Meet the Team and learn about their interests!

James Turner
Senior Innovation Manager

Following his completion of a LLB in Law and Masters in Commercial Law, James has now been working within MidTECH for nearly 15 Years. He has extensive experience of innovation and commercialisation of intellectual property within the healthcare industry. James manages the MidTECH team and oversees the NHS innovation and intellectual property portfolios of MidTECH’s member organisations.

James also works on the strategic focus of MidTECH with its host organisation, University Hospital’s Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. This involves the management of the relationships that MidTECH has with its client organisations. Furthermore, James oversees MidTECH’s partnership with the WM Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) and helps to develop and realise the ambitions of the WMAHSN’s innovation and adoption service.

James’ interests and talents:
None, other than innovation and intellectual property (he’s sad like that).

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Amardeep Kandola
Business/ Client and Marketing Manager 

Following the completion of a BA in English (BCU) and MSc in Marketing (UOB), Amardeep is our Business and Marketing Support. Her role includes using several marketing activities such as creating marketing, social media and business plans to promote MidTECH’s brand to NHS Trust members. She also coordinates the administrative, budget and finance functions of MidTECH, supporting the Senior Innovations Manager. Moreover, Amardeep handles external communications, events with the support from the Senior Innovations Manager, as well as compiling and providing information and narrative and/or statistical reports for internal or external bodies where required.

Amardeep’s interests and talents:

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Bethany Rafter
Innovation Manager 

Bethany has been appointed as a MidTECH Innovation Manager. Having originally completed her LLB (Honours) Law and Legal Practice Course (LPC) Bethany embarked on a long career in commercial medical devices, working closely alongside the NHS to implement innovative surgical solutions to improve surgical outcomes and theatre efficiency.  Bethany also has prior experience as an Innovation Manager working directly within the NHS to stimulate and support innovative clinical projects within the Sheffield region.

In more recent years, having undertaken her MBA, Bethany performed various commercial roles with a focus on new product development and commercialisation both within the UK and internationally.

Bethany’s role involves managing innovations across the West Midlands, helping to protect innovations with intellectual property and working closely with University Hospitals North Midlands and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire.

Bethany’s interests and talents: 

When not commercialising IP, Bethany enjoys swimming, biking and walks in the countryside with the family.