MTS - Mortality Tracking System

The Mortality Tracking System (MTS) is A web-based application that has been developed by The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust (DGFT) that captures information about deaths as soon as they are recorded. The MTS, developed by DGFT's Information Department, was shortlisted for an E-health Insider award in the ‘Best Use of IT to Promote Patient Safety’ category.

The MTS allows all information and documentation surrounding each individual death to be readily accessible from one place so that it is ready for review and audit by clinical staff. The system also automatically sends emails to senior staff informing them of deaths ready for review.

The MTS solution has been designed by Deputy Head of Information Andy Troth, based on a procedural policy devised by DGFT's Deputy Medical Director Roger Callender, with application development provided by Senior Systems Developer Robin Webb. As well as making it easier to review each death individually, the system makes it possible for DGFT to highlight trends or patterns surrounding mortality at Trust-wide level, and also within specific areas or specialties.

"This is extremely relevant at the moment after the CQC findings that no NHS Trust can demonstrate an acceptable approach to learning from the deaths of patients with learning disabilities and mental health problems, something which the MTS has now been adapted to accommodate.”

This is a great opportunity for a commercial partner to come on board and move forward with a ready-made, proven, system which is very much in the public eye at present.  

Please contact MidTECH if you are interested in discussing this opportunity further.