MidTECH exists to support innovators. We are here to help individuals and organisations as a whole with innovation across the West Midlands, and work with most of the Trusts in the region.

The NHS is full of individuals thinking about how to improve care in their clinical area, hospital or indeed the health service as a whole. Our role is to offer the expertise necessary to turn those ideas into tangible products and services that can transform healthcare and have broad impact.

To that end, we work with NHS Trusts, NHS employees and industrial partners to make a commercial reality of the countless great ideas that power the daily life within the health service. We believe that in this way we can offer the support necessary to achieve real and lasting benefit for the NHS, its patients and the healthcare industry.

How We Work

We don't make a profit from any of our work or your ideas and are therefore entirely dedicated to helping NHS innovators protect, develop and commercialise their work. We focus on protecting intellectual property, linking up Trusts and NHS employees with industrial partners, and providing on-going advice once relationships are set up. In addition, we offer general advice on collaborations with all external parties, innovation and intellectual property, training, assistance with funding grants and applications, etc.

Our key goal is to ensure that NHS Trusts where ideas are born continue to receive a share of the profits once that idea is protected and commercialised, in addition to the recognition and acknowledgement that they deserve. We work with NHS teams in all disciplines and across a range of innovative activity, from medical devices and new technologies to software, processes and training materials.

We assess new ideas, protect the associated IP, and help develop the innovation to a commercial level. We then look to enter into licence agreements with commercial partners if appropriate, or looks to create new ventures, spin-outs, franchises; whatever route to market is most suitable, and can advise both NHS and industry partners on the best means of achieving the most beneficial relationship.

In short, we take fresh thinking to the market, where it can do the most good. We believe in commercialising great ideas so that they benefit not just the ward where they began life - but everywhere with a similar problem.