NHS - SME Innovation Fund

Are you a start-up or a small medium sized enterprise working in the space of delivering improved healthcare? Do you have the potential to change how healthcare is delivered? The NHS-SME Innovation Fund can provide the support you need to help your business grow.

Mercia Fund Management (MFM), a leading investment business is collaborating with the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) to help build and support healthcare businesses across the West Midlands.

This round of the SME Innovation Fund is joint with MidTECH Innovations.  MidTECH Innovations is the NHS Innovation Hub for the West Midlands region and a partner of the WMAHSN. MidTECH works as the technology transfer department for the NHS in the region.

The NHS-SME Innovation Fund will provide investment and excellent links to the NHS, investment community and academic networks. In doing so the fund will support innovations that have the potential to deliver a high impact for society, grow the reputation of the West Midlands health services and lead the adoption of new innovations in the NHS.
Successful applicants will get:

  • Convertible loans of up to £50,000
  • Unparalleled access to future investment capital
  • Regular mentor workshops from industry experts including experienced life sciences entrepreneurs.
  • Key contacts in the NHS and healthcare sectors

A requirement of this fund is that there must be a collaboration between the applicant and a West Midlands NHS organisation. If you are unsure of this please contact us for further information.

Mercia has a strong track record of financially supporting and building life science businesses across the UK, all of which provide an innovative way of streamlining services, improving patient safety and releasing the burden of cost on the NHS. The fund will be led by Peter Dines, Investment Director and Head of Life Sciences at Mercia.

To apply please 'Submit your innovation' to the campaign on Meridian or contact us directly as we are here to help with your application and welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your requirements. Please contact Amardeep Kandola at amardeep.kaur@midtech.org.uk or Tammy Holmes at tammy.holmes@wmahsn.org