Membership of MidTECH is the only way for a Trust to enjoy the benefits of experience and expertise in developing, delivering and protecting innovation. In a rapidly shifting healthcare environment, and with ever-multiplying challenges on every front, innovation has never been more important – or more urgent. We help our members innovate efficiently, effectively and strategically. 

We work with our member Trusts in a range of different ways, fitting the precise shape of our services to their organisational needs and strengths. Because our network is so wide, and our skills so diverse, we are able to identify opportunities across all kinds of innovation activity. Our job is to understand how each Trust generates new ideas, and apply the processes and tools necessary to capture them, protect them – and ensure they deliver real benefit to patients, staff and Trust alike.

We offer two routes to membership, in order to ensure that as many Trusts as possible feel able to access our services in a way best suited to them. Please select a a link from the right of this page to learn more about each one. 

Contact us to discuss your situation and see what we can achieve together.