MidTECH Membership via the AHSN

Secondly, we offer MidTECH membership via Premium Membership of the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN). This MidTECH membership, equivalent to the Direct Membership in terms of duration and services offered, is included in a client's annual WMAHSN Premium Membership fee.

This all means that, in addition to providing access to our consultants and services, it also offers Trusts access to the platforms, networks and expertise of the WMAHSN. This membership is ideal for Trusts which are serious about innovation and do not want to be left behind!

For more information on the WMAHSN, its benefits and Premium Membership, please visit the WMAHSN page.

We are always keen to find the right package for a new member – and are constantly working to provide value to our existing members. Contact us to discuss your situation and see what we can achieve together.