#HANDOVER - Automated Ward Round & Handover System

Dr Sarah Steadman, whilst working at Birmingham Women’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (BWH), has developed and implemented a new ward round and ward handover system which has been proven to effectively streamline the process involved, in addition to other numerous benefits. 

This software has been shown to significantly reduce shift handover and ward round times and has enabled staff to have more time to carry out other duties, such as increased time with the patient and family and teaching of student and junior clinicians.

The software looks to address issues around how this information is collected during a ward round and passed on during a ward handover and clearly presents vital information about each patient in a succinct manner. One of the many problems with ward round and handover notes is that they often cannot be read, due to rushed, unclear, handwriting or notes wholly missing; this system solves those problems. Furthermore, this software has also been developed to help the Trust to become paper free, one of the goals that the NHS is working towards at present, by removing the need for paper based notes.

The charts below are taken from a presentation created by Dr Steadman and highlight the effects the system had within BWH; the chart on the left showing the difference in time spent on the core tasks that take place during a ward round and the chart on the right highlighting the lower average duration of the ward round from before the system was used to once it was implemented, reducing average ward round time by an average of 19%, in addition to drastically increasing the quality of documentation. These measurements were taken after minimal staff training and exposure to the system, meaning those figures would be likely to drop further as staff became more experienced with the new solution.

We would be more than happy to share this information, along with the presentation and other materials, with any interested party.

The BWH handover system has also received widespread media attention...


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