Post-Operative Shoulder Dressing

Dr Timothy Barlow, of University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW), has designed an innovative post-operative shoulder dressing that has has numerous advantages over current practice.

·         Easier to apply to the shoulder, and can be applied by only one person.

·         Allows the application of compression if needed

·         Allows full movement of shoulder to facilitate rehabilitation, with no loss of adhesion to shoulder.

This innovative dressing, therefore, is more convenient for the surgical team to use, is versatile, and allows full engagement with post-operative rehabilitation without requiring continual removal of the dressing.

This dressing can be used for the shoulder after:

·         Arthroscopic procedures

·         Replacement procedures using the deltopectoral or deltoid splitting approach

·         Trauma operations

There is a also scope for using our approach in other joints, especially the elbow joint. 

A patent application has been filed by UHCW covering this dressing.

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